Private Coaching

Private coaching is for you if you want more personalized attention from an experienced presentations skills tutor in a one-on-one setting. They offer you more learning and practice time than you would get as part of a group. In addition, private coaching can be totally customized to your individual learning objectives.

Speak Your Way to the Top!

One-on-one coaching

private coachingWhat do today’s top salespeople, entrepreneurs, managers, and executive leaders have in common? They all have highly developed communications and persuasive skills. Now, by taking our exclusive Speak Your Way to the Top coaching program, you can hone your presentation skills and achieve even higher levels of success.

Everyone in business with any level of responsibility and authority relies on the spoken word to communicate their messages and get things done. Now you can speak with an unprecedented degree of clarity, persuasiveness, and authority. So you can communicate, supervise, sell, negotiate, and lead with greater effectiveness and results.

More than 90% of Irish people believe that being able to speak well in public plays an important role in career progression. Yet fewer than 1 in 5 Irish businesspeople claim to have any confidence in public speaking. This coaching program can help you master spoken communications – and feel more confident and empowered when talking in front of groups.

Private coaching sessions can include:

  • How to get immediate audience attention and interest.
  • Becoming a truly motivating and memorable speaker.
  • Energizing others into action.
  • Garnering trust.
  • Essential tools and structures.
  • How to develop compelling content.
  • Proven presentation delivery techniques.
  • Integrating public speaking with other communications efforts.
  • Basic and advanced public speaking skills.

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