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Communication Coaching

Speak memorably and with impact

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Speak memorably and with impact!

Learn to speak with an unprecedented degree of clarity, persuasiveness, and authority to communicate, negotiate, and lead with greater effectiveness and results.

This confidential and personalised executive coaching program will help you master spoken communications – and feel more confident and empowered when talking in front of any audience you need to influence.

Private coaching sessions can include:

• How to get immediate audience attention and interest.

• Becoming a confident, motivating and memorable speaker.

• Sourcing and crafting high impact business stories that endure.

• Energizing others into action.

• Inspiring audiences to like and trust you.

• Essential tools and structures.

• How to develop compelling content.

• Proven presentation delivery techniques.

• Integrating public speaking with other communications efforts.

• Basic and advanced public speaking skills.