worldclass storytelling ideas

8 secrets to inspiring stories from Hall of Fame speaker Lou Heckler – Podcast 15

worldclass storytelling ideas

Here’s your chance to get invaluable insights into how to source and hone stories that inspire from one of the most popular and in-demand professional speakers in the world.

I recently had the chance to interview the fabulous and internationally renowned motivational humourist and hall of fame speaker Lou Heckler about the storytelling craft he has used to mesmerise corporate audiences around the globe for over 4 decades…and the result was 18 minutes of pure gold I suspect you’re going to love and listen to time and again.

How to find and craft business stories your audiences will love and remember

Lean in to hear us discuss:

  • The secrets behind stories that inspire hall of fame speaker Lou Heckler
  • 2 Ways to find stories that connect more deeply with most any audience
  • A question you should ask about every story to uncover it’s full, potential impact
  • Why it’s not enough to ‘tell’ your audience stories and what you can learn from an awesome waiter
  • 3 Things great storytellers do to instantly boost the impact of their stories
  • The power of combining the 3 Ps of every great story with simple conclusions
  • Why you need to involve your audience in finding meaning and solutions via stories
  • The one thing you should know that’ll help you become the best speaker you can be

Over to you

What’s the best tip or insight you’ve heard in today’s interview with Lou and why have you found this so helpful.

Do share your comments and thoughts. I’m always delighted to hear from you.


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