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Do you have to be funny to speak

A speaker walks into a bar… (Why you shouldn’t include jokes in talks, but should learn 3 awesome ideas from comedians)

The power of listening to stories

The awesome effects of listening to other people’s stories

Mark Schaefer Cumulative Advantage Book Review

How changing the stories you tell can radically boost your business results – Podcast 32

How to deal with difficult audience members

3 Strategies to handle difficult audience members when you speak

Create relationships that take off

Lessons from wheels falling off and teeth falling out!

Discover leadership stories that inspire with active listening

Listening strategies for leaders to hear stories you need to share – Podcast 31

win audience attention

Why great speakers need awesome listening skills

Find leaderships stories that inspire during a crisis

How to find leadership stories that boost team morale and results during a crisis – Podcast 30

Business storytelling lessons and Francis Ford Coppola

2 Storytelling lessons every leader can learn from the legendary movie director Francis Ford Coppola

How stories you tell yourself influence your decisions

Why the stories you tell yourself dramatically impact your ability to learn – Podcast 29

3 Critically important things to get right every time you give a virtual presentation

how future thinking can shape your business stories

How to use future thinking to create better stories for your business – Podcast 28

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