Discover leadership stories that inspire with active listening

Listening strategies for leaders to hear stories you need to share – Podcast 31

Discover leadership stories that inspire with active listening

Learn how leaders can use simple active listening strategies to hear more personal stories that matter and really should be shared from work, rest, and play.

In today’s interview I’m delighted to speak with a pal and fellow-specialist in business storytelling, who is an author, trainer, recipient of the internationally acclaimed designations of Certified Professional Speaker and Global Speaking Fellow, and is based in Ontario, Susan Luke Evans.

Lean in as we discuss the importance of taking the time to truly listen to stories that matter from those we wish to influence and the motivational effects of selectively sharing these stories with others.

13 Secrets to finding inspiring personal stories for those you lead

Hear us speak about:

  • The powerful and positive effects of ‘truly’ listening to others peoples’ stories
  • Common exit ramps you need to consciously avoid to be a better listener
  • How settings and circumstances can deter a willingness to share important stories
  • When Susan’s 3 year old saved her bacon when trying to inspire a team that couldn’t gel
  • What you can learn from a chance conversation about Pope Benedict that lead to insights that could easily have remained unknown
  • The types of questions that will help others to open up to you and share personal stories
  • Two types of stories most folks can tell you and how to encourage others to share these fully
  • A valuable lesson from the famous short story of when ‘Jesus wept’ in the Bible
  • The one thing you must have in every leadership story you share or they won’t work
  • Why listening for stories and being selective about the stories you share are learned skills
  • The importance of adopting intentional thinking to bring stories to life
  • Susan’s soon to be released book: Return on Influence – The New Currency for Leaders
  • How sharing personal experiences can help leaders to influence ahead of relying on temporary compliance
  • And more

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