stories inspire team performance and motivation

How leaders can use stories to create a more inspiring, collaborative and cohesive business culture – Podcast 23

stories inspire team performance and motivation

Leaders – Discover why choosing to gather and share more personal stories (both from others as well as yourself) can help you create a more inclusive, collaborative and cohesive workplace culture.

In today’s conversation with one of Europe’s leading business psychologists and an expert in leadership without mind games, Dr. Frank Hagenow: Learn why and how leaders can use stories to earn more trust and spur their teams on to achieve their true and full potential.

And why, in the process, this is sure to help you achieve stronger, more human and more trusted emotional connection and resonance with those you most wish to influence

Why stories can help you inspire new levels of team performance and success

Lean is as we discuss:

  • Why listening to stories from those you want to influence leads to a feeling of greater connection and understanding in teams
  • 2 Reasons why top-down or instruction style communication tends to lead to poor employee buy-in and sub-par performance
  • A cautionary story about a boss who invited staff input but ignored what they said
  • Why stories reduce barriers, increase meaning, and boost the level of trust placed in the storyteller
  • A compelling reason for leaders to connect in a more human, personal way
  • Why it’s so important for leaders to get past short term thinking and to cultivate long term relationships to create outstanding team spirit
  • How stories can reduce suspicions about your motivations and the odds you’re trying to trick people into behaving as you would wish (for your reasons ahead of theirs)
  • How Frank and I are creating exciting new programs to help leaders unleash team potential and lead better and faster change with greater buy-in from all
  • And more

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