stories that inspire globally

How to craft stories international audiences will love – Podcast 19

stories that inspire globally

Learn how to find, adapt or create stories that will inspire audiences you want to influence across the globe.

This week I’m so pleased to share many, many awesome insights from the multi-award-winning, CPAE, social media marketing, and Hall of Fame keynote speaker Terry Brock – when we talk about the art of localizing stories for different international audiences (who often come from greatly different cultures to yours) in ways that they’ll love, remember and share.

9 Tips for high impact storytelling across the globe

Lean in as we discuss:

  • A truth Terry discovered from his first tour across the South Pacific
  • How to avoid a wall of blank faces looking back at you when speaking overseas
  • The power of self-deprecating stories if you speak in Japan
  • What’s in a name? How a little homework about local pronunciations is a good move
  • Why you ought to think about colloquial interpretations of words in your stories
  • How early dinner plans can help you get vital reactions to stories you plan to share
  • A lesson from Terry’s story about newfound Canadian sporting prowess!
  • What top global speaking stars do when sharing stories overseas and you should too
  • How to ask more than you tell so you find stories international audiences will love
  • And more

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