craft unforgettable stories

On speaking mastery and the science behind memorable stories – Podcast 9

craft unforgettable stories

Fact. If you want an audience to remember what you say, there’s legion scientific evidence that leading with stories is by far (far, far, far) your best tool to make that happen. And if you’ve wondered why this is so, you’re going to love today’s expert interview

That’s because it’s all about the science behind stories that create lasting memories and why some stories are more memorable than others.

And, with that in mind, I’m delighted to introduce you to researcher on human cognition and memory, author of Human Memory, and University of Notre Dame Professor Gabriel Radvansky – who chats with me about how the human brain operates and memories are formed. P

And together we delve into why you are hard wired to remember stories ahead of any other information you encounter AND the secrets to stories you’ll find easy to remember for years vs hours or days!

What the human brain is wired to remember (and why stories rule)

Lean in as we discuss:

  • The main reasons some ideas are more memorable than others
  • Why you struggle to remember stuff once you change location or topic
  • Ideas that’ll reduce disruptions to what your audiences can remember
  • Why stories  are the #1 way humans gather information in life
  • What you can learn about creating memories that last from Netflix stories
  • Why your brain is wired to experience stories at fast and deep levels
  • Amazing truths about how stories can be interrupted without memory consequences
  • What you remember from years ago (and why history can be hard to recall)
  • Why experts who claim you’re bound to forget things quickly after you learn them are dead wrong!

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