Why ‘human stories’ eat polished corporate stories for lunch! Podcast 20

Learn why leaders who share stories that feel more ‘human’ than ‘impressive’ win more connection and engagement from their audiences than those who’d rather play safe!

Welcome to my recent interview with purpose economy evangelist, freedom fighter, fellow storyteller, and pal Hans Bassing when we discuss why it’s so important for leaders to break away from safe, perfect or polished corporate stories and to pick stories that speak to being human instead…AND why these ideas have never been so important in a world that is becoming increasingly digitalized or automated.

On tapping into the power of human stories in an era of unrelenting digital disruption

Lean in as we discuss:

  • Why leaders don’t have to find impressive stories to inspire confidence
  • How rapid digital innovation and disruption has increased the need to be ‘more human’
  • A Dutch amusement park success story fuelled by ditching safe brand storytelling          
  • What you can learn from a creative rollercoaster operator who created a viral story
  • Why you need to  have the guts to encourage your staff to take authentic actions (and give them credit where this creates awesome customer experience stories)
  • How stepping past the ways you’ve always done things is so liberating
  • Why smart leaders push past first impressions and you should too
  • A simple technique that’ll help you uncover stories your audiences should hear
  • The real reason why polished or slick pitch stories can’t hold a candle to real stories
  • And more

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