How stories create quiet influence for introverted leaders

Why storytelling introverted leaders win more influence – Podcast 21

How stories create quiet influence for introverted leaders

Learn why storytelling can a secret weapon source of influence for introvert leaders.

Check out my recent interview with Atlanta based leadership speaker, author of 3 bestselling books on introverts, CSP, and pal Jennifer Kahnweiler about why and how introvert executives who learn to hone better storytelling skills can multiply their communication impact, confidence and perceived trustworthiness – helping them to more easily inspire others without being pushy

Learn how sharing more stories can boost your quiet influence

Lean in as we discuss

  • The traits hugely successful introverted leaders tend to share
  • 2 Common introverted executive strengths that help them to be naturally, awesome storytellers
  • Misconceptions about introverted executives and how they connect with others
  • What you can learn from Jennifer’s screenwriting dad
  • The importance and effects of chit chat and personal stories for bottom-line results
  • How sharing of yourself and your humour makes you appear more human and trusted
  • Why stories shape culture and influence, one person as a time and organisationally
  • How to leverage your awesome listening skills to be heard more effectively
  • 4 Strategies introverted leaders can use to boost the impact of stories they share
  • How a simple eyebrow test can help you see if your messages are hitting home
  • The importance of feeling freer and less controlled when communicating
  • Why recording yourself when speaking can be so instructive in assessing your impact
  • Simple ideas that will help you to instantly boost your quiet influence
  • Why you shouldn’t rush your storytelling and find more ways to stay in moments
  • Jennifer’s new book due out in June 2020: Creating Introvert Friendly Workplaces
  • And more

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