connect with stories across cultures

Why storytelling is the secret to winning cross cultural communications – Podcast 10

connect with stories across cultures

Learn why it pays to lead with stories when you need to communicate across national boundaries and cultures.

Check out my recent conversation with cross cultural communication speaker, author and expert David Clive Price when we get into what it really takes to win attention, interest, trust and acceptance when addressing audiences with different cultures to yours.

And in our fascinating chat we had a special focus on ideas that will help you go local and connect with many different audience cultures across Asia.

How stories can transform your influence across national borders

  • Why foreigners can find it challenging to win quick acceptance in Japan (even when you’re seemingly doing everything just right)
  • Why embracing silence and observation helps you win trust when abroad
  • How going local can change your perspective and how you’re regarded
  • Lessons from a rice seller and breaking free from expat communities
  • Why you need to ditch one-size fits all thinking (and what to do instead)
  • What a Dutch bicycle seller did to build instant influence, trust and business success in many local international markets (and you can too)
  • 3 words to live by to turbo-charge your cross cultural communication impact
  • How to win international audience connection by adapting your stories and sharing them with greater simplicity and authenticity
  • The secrets to sharing stories that resonate in high context cultures
  • And more

Learn how to boost your storytelling impact in any culture

If you’d like help to master the art of high impact corporate storytelling, contact me at – I’ll be delighted to hear from you.


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