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If you’d like to be a better, more confident and more polished virtual or in-person speaker – whilst overcoming any speaking anxieties you experience – the Reluctant Speakers Club is the perfect place for you.

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Consulting tailored to your virtual and in-person presentation needs and skills

At The Reluctant Speakers Club, you’ll get step-by-step guidance on exactly what it takes to master the art of public speaking skills (including research, crafting a powerful message, the art of sourcing and honing stories your audiences will love and remember, speech delivery, and audience connection)

Consulting is always delivered in a safe and secure manner. And your instructor, corporate storytelling expert Eamonn O’Brien, is a polished, globetrotting professional speaker who knows the tricks of the trade and gladly shares them with you.

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Eamonn O'Brien - Speaking Coach

Feel confident addressing any audience

"He is one of the absolute best public speakers I have ever heard, a skilled storyteller and has a lovely manner about him that makes you want to hear more and read more"

Beatrice Whelan
Global Content Manager, Sage

"I did Eamonn’s Reluctant Speakers course and highly recommend it. The course is really well structured and touches on all important aspects of being an influential speaker, not just on the technique. It is also highly enjoyable as Eamonn sprinkles the course with little gems from his diverse professional experience. Once you’ve completed the course, speaking in public will no longer seem like black magic to you."

Martin Zuztak
Head of Digital Business Services - SAP

"Thanks for all your help. I’m already feeling more comfortable in my presentations with your support"

Julian Murray
Sales Director UK & Ireland - Salesforce

"I hired Eamonn to get a one-to-one public speaking course. Eamonn not only helped me reach my objectives, but also accurately assessed what I was doing right or wrong. He’s an expert. If you wonder how to improve your public speaking skills, ask Eamonn. He’ll tell you."

Gregory Forel
Global Programme Manager - Microsoft

Game changing benefits for your
career — and your business

By learning to express yourself clearly, engagingly and persuasively in speech, you’ll:

Feel confident addressing
any audience
Influence and
inspire others
Share stories that
delight and endure
Communicate for
impact and results
Get people to
place trust in you
Become a more
effective leader
Eamonn - Keynote and Masterclass Speaker

keynote & masterclass speaker

Uncover The Art of Speaking Memorably And Inspiring Others Into Action

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Eamonn - Private and Group Speaking Coach

executive speaker coaching

Speak memorably and with impact with group or private coaching

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