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Make audience active participants in your stories

For story oomph – Don’t give audiences ring-side seats, give’em parts

More is not better when you speak

Why more isn’t better when you speak!

When a brand story goes wrong

What’s wrong with this story? On business fails you need to avoid

Leader stories and leadership excellence

5 Leadership Lessons From The Stories of Four Truly Inspiring Presidents

Word of Mouth Brand Story

Eaten Bread Not Forgotten – Why Awesome ‘Word of Mouth’ Brand Stories Rock

Think local every time you speak

Different Strokes for Different Folks – Why Smart Speakers Think Local

A Surprisingly Easy Way to Source Great Stories for Your Business Talks

How Instinct Saved Des’s Life (And What Every Storyteller Needs to Know About Gut Reactions)

2 tips for speakers from a royal wedding

What Speakers Should Take From Prince Harry and Meghan’s Mega Royal Wedding

Like an Instant Boost to Your Speaker Presence? Learn From How The French Eat

Win more audience attention with stories

Don’t squeeze a story into your speech when short on time – Try this awesome alternative

2 Tips Every Speaker Should Take From Prince Harry and Meghan’s Mega Royal Wedding

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